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English (Fluent)

Figure / Silhouette

36/38 Athletic

Bra Cup

Large | 80 D | Enhanced

Zodiac Sign



Tolerant Non-Smoker

What is your work life?

A while ago I successfully graduated university in Marketing and Management. Right after that I focused mainly on studying languages, which is closely related to my greatest hobby – travelling. Thanks to it a person can be anyone he wants to be and with anyone. To be a romantic personality on Piazza di Trevi square in Rome on one day, a party girl on an Ibiza beach another day, or to be a classy elegant woman in Paris. That diversity and the feeling that each time you get to experience something new and fascinating is exciting. From new delights such as traditional local food, sights, people, all the way to the culture and atmosphere. My interests do not of course lie just with travelling, as like every woman I love fashion and everything related to it, I best sweat out my good mood at a fitness center or when horse riding. I find a healthy lifestyle and the keeping of weight that goes along with it important. Spending an entire day at the spa center and just relax or putting on trekking shoes and strolling in the mountains is absolutely no problem. I love summer, water, boats, and snorkelling just as much as lying half a day with a book and sunbathing.

We only live once and every day should thus be such as if it was to be our last.

How do you describe yourself?

Ever since I was a child, I was raised by a strict father and an angel-like kind mother. Thanks to this diversity my personality is like that as well. I am calm, nice, smiling, thinking, friendly, and I prefer to think twice about things before actually doing them. On the other hand I can be very dominant, become the center of attention like a true Lioness but still retain class, I am no stranger to humour and I have no trouble at all with establishing contact with new people, especially men. I can lend an ear to others for hours but can also voice my opinions with no problem and be the leader of a conversation. In my life I most definitely live by this rule: “A woman should be a cook in the kitchen, a lady in society, and a geisha in bed.”

What do you enjoy about being an Escort?

First and foremost to be an escort does not just mean to me having a job, but it is also one of my hobbies and fun which I enjoy in all its essence. From the very first moment when I receive an email, then I get to know the place and time of meeting, all the way to the encounter itself. This entire process is at least just as exciting as the whole date. The diversity of everything and mystery till the last minute fill me up with adrenalin. It is just like my passion for travelling, you can be anyone and anywhere. I find every encounter to be a new motivation to work on my appearance and thus be perfect for my partner. I love it when men court me and exactly thanks escort I feel special.

How do you describe yourself as a Sex-Partner?

Angel with the devil inside.

My angelic part likes to be pampered, long prelude, music, candles, a hot bath and a long, slow lovemaking, which can take all night without stopping. With the feeling that I am a princess.

Regarding my devil part, I am very passionate, playful, wild and naughty, I do not have problems use all of female weapons to get men into ecstasy. I know what men like and what I like. Soft BDSM is not distant for me.


Travel expenses for selected locations

Aachen / 70 €
Amsterdam / 150 €
Antwerp / 100 €
Baden / 300 €
Baden Baden / 300 €
Barcelona / 300 €
Basel / 300 €
Bavaria / 200-300 €
Berlin / 250 €
Bregenz / 300 €
Bremen / 300 €
Brussels / 120 €
Cologne / 100 €
Dortmund / 200 €
Dusseldorf / 180 €
Essen / 180 €
Frankfurt / 250 €
Geneva / 300 €
Graz / 300 €
Hamburg / 300 €
Hanover / 300 €
Innsbruck / 300 €
Klagenfurt / 300 €
Linz / 300 €
London / 300 €
Milan / 300 €
Munich / 300 €
Nuremberg / 250 €
Prague / 250 €
Salzburg / 300 €
Stuttgart / 300 €
Vienna / 300 €
Wels / 300 €
Zurich / 300 €
Augsburg / 300 €
Bern / 300 €
Bonn / 300 €
Dresden / 300 €
Heidelberg / 300 €
Karlsruhe / 300 €
Lausanne / 300 €
Lucerne / 300 €
Regensburg / 300 €
Ulm / 300 €
Winterthur / 300 €

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