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Tolerant non-smoker

What are you doing actually?

I am sure you are interested what I do in my everyday life! Well, at the moment, I work as an account manager for a global company in hospitality. It is quite a demanding job and I need some extensive relaxation in my free time. What works for me perfectly to achieve that is a professional tantric massage that I very much enjoy receiving but also giving, as I am, amongst other things, a certified bodywork therapist.

Tell us something about you

My strong interests are fine and performing arts, a major of my university studies. I practice Argentinian tango and Solo singing. I am also active in organizations focused on environmental and animal protection. I am relaxed yet determined, going with the flow yet focused, accommodating yet assertive, adventurous yet smart. You will find me easy to talk to on many subjects, attentive, curious, sensual, gentle and respectful. I enjoy new challenges and expanding my horizons. I also enjoy serenity and calmness, a piece of mind.

What do I enjoy about being an Escort?

The unknown that is yet to be discovered. The variety of shapes, tastes, colors, opinions, habits, approaches, the amazing array of expression that comes with each man/woman.

How do you describe yourself as a Sex-Partner?

As mentioned before, I have an extensive experience in tantra-tao practice. When my partners allow themselves to open up and become receptive to my mind-body set, then we can share a beautiful nourishing connection, which opens indescribable intimate experiences. My particular interest lays in light BDSM, which goes with my tantric approach very well. I feel excitement in discovering the partners borderline pleasures, I enjoy conscious prolonging of them


Travel expenses for selected locations

Amsterdam / 250 €
Baden / 100 €
Barcelona / 250 €
Basel / 250 €
Bavaria / 150-250 €
Berlin / 150 €
Brussels / 250 €
Cologne / 250 €
Dusseldorf / 250 €
Essen / 250 €
Frankfurt / 250 €
Hamburg / 250 €
Hanover / 250 €
London / 250 €
Milan / 250 €
Munich / 250 €
Nuremberg / 100 €
Prague / 50 €
Vienna / 100 €
Zurich / 300 €
Dresden / 80 €
Regensburg / 100 €

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