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Staying with an Emodel in one of the best hotels in Hamburg

My favourite hotel is the Louis C. Jacob, situated on the banks of the Elbe. The hotel exudes an unsurpassed charm, which must have something to do with its romantic location right on the Elbe, and which you are free to enjoy over dinner with your charming escort companion.  It also boasts large, elegant rooms, exceptional service and a gourmet temple that is second to none. The Louis C. Jacob comes highly recommended, and is often frequented by VIPs (accompanied by their luxury escorts)!


Going out for dinner with a sexy callgirl in one of the finest restaurants in Hamburg

Stocks fish restaurant offers you another mouth-watering opportunity to immerse yourself in the city?s maritime flair.  Here, you?ll be served the finest fish and seafood, while the atmosphere is fantastic and you don?t have to be a fan of fish to enjoy the food here!  This restaurant is worth at least one visit, if not many!  Before booking your first-class escort and taking her out to a restaurant, we?d recommend enquiring about any dietary requirements she may have.  Some escorts don?t eat fish, but a professional escort agency will be able to advise you.


Having a drink with a dream girl in one of the fanciest bars in Hamburg

In Hamburg, you won?t get much better than the bar at the East Hotel. This blend of bar and lounge is extremely diverse, and just as varied as the nearly 250 drinks on the menu.  Be careful, though ? once you?ve sat down on one of the comfy sofas, you won?t ever want to get up again. Here, you can discretely retire together with your easygoing elite escort.


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?I?ve been with this exciting escort lady in Hamburg for several days now. She was recommended to me by a friend, who had already met up with her a number of times. He said it was ?the most unbelievable experience of my life?, and called her ?the best callgirl in Hamburg?. She?s a student from Hamburg, and is earning some money on the side as an escort. She?s not your typical ?professional?, then, and has a certain innocence, without being shy. Her sexual preferences, too, show she?s not lacking in experience. According to one review I read on an escort website forum, she loves oral sex, long and tender foreplay, and anilingus (rimming).

During the day, I work, attending a sales seminar at the Hyatt Hotel. Then, in the evening, she is responsible for providing some erotic and sexual excitement. This evening, we?re planning on visiting the hotel?s wellness area. Our luxury accommodation is situated on the Alster, and is the perfect hotel in which to meet a charming but discrete escort.

A quick change out of my business clothes and I?m ready to go. Soon, she is standing in the doorway to the bathroom, and I can?t believe my eyes ? instead of a skirt and blouse, she?s now wearing a sexy bikini, which goes perfectly with her bronze complexion. She is simply stunning ? God must have been having a very good day when he created her! She unties her bikini top, giving me a chance to marvel at her large breasts close up. I can see her small nipples standing to attention, surrounded by goose pimples. She takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom until we land together on a large double bed. This time, it?s not a dream ? it?s reality, and very palpable; this alluring lady of my dreams is lying in my arms. Her lips taste like chocolate and her skin smells of coconut ? a scent as if from another world. She takes me between her hot thighs, and she?s breathing heavily and excitedly. We?ve very nearly reached the point of ecstasy, and so I simply hold her tightly in my arms, as our bodies tremble with excitement. I tentatively suck on one of her nipples, pressing my tongue around it.  Suddenly, she sits up and says, ?We?d better go for a swim now, or else I?ll have to ravish you. She then gets up…?

Sex and escort services in Hamburg (Low German/Low Saxon)

In Hamburg especially, there is a distinction between street prostitutes (streetwalkers), brothel streets, walk-in brothels, so-called ?clubs?, escort apartments or escort services (for home and hotel calls).

In the case of street prostitution, prostitutes make themselves visible on sections of road known for the trade, where they usually actively approach passers-by. Accommodation for their transactions is situated in so-called ?dosshouses? that are within walking distance.

In walk-in brothels, prostitutes typically have their own room, where they wait outside the door. Potential clients pass along the halls inside the brothel and pick out a woman, should one take their fancy. Well-known walk-in brothels include Eros and Point of Sex on the Reeperbahn, along with the Thai walk-in brothel on Große Freiheit. Recommended Portal:

However, it?s not only in St. Pauli where you can indulge your lust.  Prostitutes from all over the world can also be found in many other districts around the city.  Street prostitution, bordellos and walk-in brothels aren?t all the Hanseatic city has to offer, though ? Hamburg also is also home to a number of well-established, well-known escort agencies.

If you?re looking online for an attractive callgirl in northern Germany, it won?t take you long to find one. Because the industry is perfectly legal, the range of sexual services on offer is huge, and many north-German escorts are based in the major northern cities, such as Hamburg, Hanover and Bremen. Along with independent escorts from the far north, there are also some well-known and highly-recommended escort-agencies throughout Germany who?ll be happy to arrange a pretty-as-a-picture lady for you in Hamburg. Variations in price and quality are immense, however, and it is advisable to take care when looking for a call girl in Hamburg. We?d recommend seeking out reliable and honest reviews of escorts beforehand on a trusted website, such as Abbeys Orchids or MC Escort, the largest escort community in Germany.

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