Which Escort name?

Olessia here.

Starting today I will use every Friday to write about a topic that has engaged me over the past week. I will start with a matter that has already involved generations before our time: The name.

How much can an escort earn per month?

Back in the days I was reading all student magazines.
I was always interested in the average earnings statistics.
However, once question remained unanswered:
How much can an escort earn per month?
Today I can answer the question from my own experience.

New Escort in Geneva!

Soon online! Our famous photomodell from Geneva Naomi Iman.

Naomi Iman is smart and has an authentic “good family” personality. She is an extrovert idealist with a distinguished appearance. You will for sure enjoy being surrounded with her as she is the kind of escort that has the natural ability to make a men’s heart beat faster with a single look.

Grown up in Paris Naomi lives in Geneva since few years. She is an internationally famous Photomodel who travelled a lot.

She loves socializing; getting to know people and she naturally calls forth admiration from everyone. She has a charming grace in her manner that puts every man at her feet.

Naomi is a feminine, sensual with a dream figure that gives great value to a very neat appearance.


Review Escort Agency

New Review about Emodels Escort on Captain69: “Olessia, the manager, is the ideal individual to run an agency like this. She is experienced, creative in her proposals and very reliable. In addition the agency is very selective and trains their escorts.” Read it on Captain69 (Review).