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Trust, security and the protection of your identity are our foundation for a successful collaboration.

You are looking for an escort agency that you can trust and that will always stand by your side? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We are always on the lookout for amazing ladies to meet our distinguished clientele. A special charisma combined with the gift of conversation is essential. If you think you are the person we’re referring to and would be willing to work together with ust hen please apply and become an Emodel!

I am Olessia and together with my husband Marc we lead two high class agencies. Emodels Escort was founded in 2010 and focuses on the international market, whereas Marc van Bliss exclusively represents models from Berlin.

As part of our cooperation, you may look forward to a successful collaboration. We take care of the entire organisation processing, from the planning of the meeting, to the booking of train or flight tickets, and prepare you optimally for each and every date.

You’re a beginner? No problem! Especially in that case you will probably be glad to hear that you will be going through a training session before getting started.

You’re still not sure? Feel free to contact Marc via phone in advance to find out whether our expectations match. We will, of course, treat your application with the utmost confidentiality.

You have more questions? There’s plenty of information to be found on our website. If there’s anything that remains unclear, then we should probably discuss the remaining questions in a personal conversation.

Further below, you will also find quotes from current and former Emodels… and that speaks for itself.

Are you ready for the most lucrative part-time job in the world? We’re already looking forward to working with you!

Our offer

1 | Protection of your identity

Protection of your identity: We will never pass on your name or your contact details | Pictures: We advise you, but you decide how we will represent you on our website.

2 | Exceptional earning potentials

Which other part-time profession allows you to make 600 euro in 2 hours?

3 | Distinguished clientele

We mediate well situated, distinguished gentlemen, that know how to appreciate the presence of a magical lady.

4 | World-wide travels

Most meetings will take place in your city or nearby. However, it can happen from time to time that we receive a booking for you which will last for several days and will take you to fantastic places — of course you will be spending the nights at exclusive hotels.

5 | Security

We always know where and with whom you are spending time.

6 | Fair mediation contract

The contract includes all points which are important for you — such as, for example: The deletion of your profile after the termination of the collaboration, no additional use of your pictures by us, etc.

7 | Professional care

We prepare you optimally for every meeting — you will receive all information in advance. We take care of the travel organisation in case that the meeting does not take place in your city of residence.

8 | Professional photos

We regularly conduct photo shoots at various locations — great backdrops, professional photographers, as well as inclusive make-up design and hair styling.

9 | Reachability

You can always reach us via phone (24/7).

10 | Consideration

This job is a hobby — a lucrative part-time endeavour. That is how we understand it, which is why we always take your needs and circumstances into consideration.

11 | Exclusivity

With us, you’re not just a number! Since we select the ladies we work with very carefully, we always have a relatively low number of ladies. Your advantage: In many cities, you will only have very little competition.

12 | Flexible fee structure

Our fees place us in the middle and upper price classes within the escort business. Let’s find out together to which price category you can cater too.

…and models from Berlin

If you live in Berlin, then we will, provided that that is your wish, also present you on Marc van Bliss’ website.

What we are looking for | Requirements

1 | Motivation

If you are facing serious financial difficulties, then that is not good motivation. We are looking for women who enjoy having sex and getting to know interesting personalities.

2 | Minimum age

Of course, as per legal reasons, you should be at least 18 years old.

3 | Looks

You look after yourself, have style and above average attractive looks.

4 | Personality

You are reliable, charming and entertaining.

5 | Language

You speak German and/or English fluently.

What our Emodels say about us

Antonia | Munich

“What do you like the most about our collaboration?” Antonia: “You have very good customers. You get to know to know interesting men in good hotels and in great cities.”

Monique | Berlin

“What do you like the most about our collaboration?” Monique: “I can discuss anything with you and decline if the guest happens to not be a match — you never put pressure on me or demand something that I won’t or can’t do.”

Ariana | Berlin

“What do you like the most about our collaboration?” Liana: “The organisation of a meeting is always perfectly prepared — you always take care of everything.”

Alina | Cologne

“What do you like the most about our collaboration?” Alina: “The climate is very domestic, familiar and trustworthy.”

Anna | Vienna

"I have been working for other agencies and I know by now that you were the most correct one. With safety and the Clients doing things on me while sleeping, this never happened with your Clients. "

Agency vs independent escort

If you want to join the escort business, then you either have the possibility of letting an agency represent you or to work on a self-employed basis.


You likely have a lot of questions — here you can find the most important answers. If anything remains unanswered, feel free to contact us.

Finding the right escort agency

There are countless escort agencies — they come and go. Which one is the right on for me? What do I have to pay attention to?

Emodels Escortlady

Become an Emodel now!

We require the following information: CV (What have you done thus far? Where do you live?) | Personal description (age, height, weight) | At least 3 current photographs — portrait and full body to | Your contact details (phone, email). Naturally, we will handle your application with the utmost confidentiality.