FAQ | Frequently asked questions

1 | Why should I become an Emodel?

Trust, security and the protection of your identity are our base for a successful collaboration. This is more important to us than short-term gains and quick profits. Because this mission statement is meant sincerely, each and every Emodel will be able to confirm to you why we continue to keep in touch with former Emodels to this day.

2 | How much can I earn as an escort?

There is no standard answer to this question and your success depends on a number of different factors: Your looks, your place of residence, your flexibility in terms of time… we don’t apply any pressure here — there is neither a minimum number of bookings that you must make nor a maximum number of cancellations that is allowed. This part-time job is intended to be a hobby for you — your intimate secret — but it should under no circumstances be your sole source of income.

3 | How do I apply?

Send your application to casting@emodels-escort.de with the following information:
- CV (What have you done thus far? Where do you live?)
- Personal description (age, height, weight)
- At least 3 current photographs — portrait and full body
- Your contact details (phone, email)
If you prefer to use a form, then use the link to MvB Escort Berlin.
Naturally, we will handle your application with the utmost confidentiality. If you first want to inquire about some information without committing to anything, then give us a call and we will find out together whether our expectations match.

4 | Can I use my own pictures?

No, this is not possibly unfortunately. We do regular photo shoots at various locations and will surely find a way to present you from your best side. The pictures are the most important element of your online presence and we put a lot of effort into perfecting this part for you.

5 | What do I need to consider in terms of taxes?

As anywhere else — if you earn money, then you must pay taxes on it. Unfortunately, there is no generally applicable tax rule, because every tax office in Germany handles taxes differently. That is why you will also often find conflicting information on the internet. Our recommendation: Arrange a consultation with a tax advisor in your city of residence. You will find law offices that specialise in this area almost anywhere. You should not rely on statements such as “You have to register a business” or “We will take care of this for you with the “Düsseldorfer Verfahren” approach. During my time, I have run into several escorts that still owed large payments even several years later.

6 | Is the protection of my identity secured?

We have several ways of protecting your identity. We will make suggestions and will advise you — you make the decisions.

7 | Will my security be ensured?

Yes. Your security is very important to us, which is why there has never been an incident at Emodels Escort. We will also decline a contract if a customer is unwilling or unable to fulfil the security requirements. We always know where and with whom you are spending time.

8 | Is there a contract between the model and the escort agency?

Yes. The most important points are noted in the contract in written form — among other things, the contract also states that we will not use your pictures for other reasons or other websites and that we must terminate your online presence when our collaboration has come to an end and so on.

9 | Are there any costs associated with being accepted as an Emodel?

Until your presentation is online and you can get started, you will have to cover the following costs:
- Location for the photo shoot
- Photographer
- Make-up artist & camera assistance
- Photo editing & retouching
- Translation for the English presentation
- Online training
We will cover a part of these costs, but you will definitely have to cover part of this as well. For this, we provide a number of different approaches, allowing each lady to get started with us.

10 | Which changes are there due to the new prostitution protection law?

The German parliament has passed a new prostitution protection law that reaches far into the “red light industry” and sets out new regulations for “sex workers” working in this field. The law will be enforced beginning on 1 July 2017 and will only be concerning us as an escort agency at first. For those that are already working as escorts, the new law will be enforced towards the end of 2017. According to the transition provisions in § 37, one will have to register not later than 31 December 2017 for the first time. The result: A small regulatory advantage for existing escorts.

11 | What kind of men will I be meeting?

The men that you will be meeting are generally between 40 and their late 50s. You have the possibility of deciding in advance whether you do not want to meet a certain group of customers (older than 60, heavily overweight, as well as significant physical or mental disabilities).

12 | Can I cancel a meeting?

If you want to cancel a meeting, then you should inform us about this. We will then take care of the rest, but you will need to cover any associated costs and will not be receiving your fee. Example: The meeting is to take place at your residence and you decide to cancel it. You will need to cover your own expenses for arriving and departing and the customer will get his payment back.
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Yes, I want to become an Emodel!

We are looking for attractive, confident women who believe in mutual trust. Do you feel that this might be something for you? Then send me your application. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.