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Mutual trust is incredibly important if you’re looking for the right escort agency.

This kind of decision is certainly not one “until the end of time”, but you should be paying attention to the following things:

When you have made the decision to work part-time as an escort, it’s time to find the right escort agency. And this begins with some thorough research on the internet.

It’s not always the first google results that lead to the right agency. Look at how the pages are set up. How do you like the presentation and the aesthetics of the photos? Do the written parts appeal to you? Does the agency provide useful information? Listen to your gut when you are deciding for an agency — you might have a strange feeling about something… you should take that seriously.

Costs | Responsibilities

This should be cleared up in advance: Are there acceptance fees? How are the costs for the photo shoot handled? Does the agency cover travel expenses for the meetings?


How high is your fee? What percentage do you receive? But what’s even more important: At which rates will you be offered on the Internet and how many jobs will you be receiving? Do you have to cover the costs for arrival and departure to and from the meeting point yourself?

Image rights

How sure can you be that your pictures will not be used in any other way (image rights, image publications)? Let the agency confirm to you on which websites your pictures will be published and make sure that your picture and your profile will only be published on the websites mentioned in the contract and will not be used in other media or for advertising purposes.

Age of the agency

Is the agency a newcomer or have they been around on the market for several years already? New agencies often hope to make profits with quite high acceptance fees, but things then end up turning out to look rather bad in terms of the actual mediation.


If the website does not provide any information about the owner of the agency in the imprint, then that is a reason to grow suspicious. If the escort agency is registered in the commercial registry, where is the company headquarters, is the company registered in Germany or abroad? Is there a deliverable postal address? This information can easily be found in the imprint section on the websites of serious agencies.

Billing procedure

When does the escort girl receive her compensation? Is there an interest clause concerning the agency’s commission? How does it look in terms of taxes? Normally, escort ladies work on a freelance basis and have to take care of their own taxes and insurance.


The agreement between the agency and the escort model can be terminated in written form at any time. This leads to the automatic deletion of the profile on the website within the timespan clarified in the agreement. All photo rights must also be transferred back to you.


Is there a contract? The rights and responsibilities must be understood fully prior to singing anything. It’s important to find out whether there is a minimum number of meetings per month. Those who are not well-versed in legal matters, or if the contract is written in confusing legalese, should probably let a trusted lawyer have a look at the document.


Do I have to take up every meeting? With trustworthy escort agencies, no escort model is forced to go to a particular appointment — it’s always voluntary.


With serious agencies, an escort girl can cancel a meeting at any time. If the behaviour of the client isn’t at its best or if demands are made which the call girl does not want to follow up on, she has the right to cancel a meeting. Even though sex is usually mentioned as part of the contract, a company hostess can be forced to do it.

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We require the following information: CV (What have you done thus far? Where do you live?) | Personal description (age, height, weight) | At least 3 current photographs — portrait and full body to | Your contact details (phone, email). Naturally, we will handle your application with the utmost confidentiality.