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Hotel recommendation Amsterdam

Together with your companion, you’ll be very well looked after in Amsterdam at Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand, which is located right in the heart of the city and steeped in history. The hotel combines elegant design with five-star facilities, and features 52 luxury suites, a sensuous spa, the award-winning Bridges Restaurant, Amsterdam’s first Raw Bar, a vinothèque, a library and a brown café. It’s not just your escort black or white who’ll be impressed!

Restaurant Recommendation Amsterdam

It may not serve the finest food, but the Supper Club Lounge in Amsterdam comes highly recommended, with an atmosphere as classy as it is unique. Here, you can dine whilst reclining, while a stage stretches across the centre of the room, where you can marvel at a variety of events.

Bar & Club Recommendation Amsterdam

Fancy something really out of the ordinary? Then why not visit together with your beautiful female escort the Xtracold Bar in Amsterdam! Here, as the name suggests, icy temperatures are the order of the day, as the entire bar, including the glasses, are made of ice! As if that were not enough, 4D films are also screened – a sensational experience for both you and your consort, and not to be missed.

Swinger Club Recommendation Amsterdam

If you’ve ever fancied visiting a swinger club with an adventurous escort lady, Amsterdam is the perfect place, and is home to one of Europe’s best swinger clubs the Fun4two. Here, the clientèle are sophisticated and international – no snobs, but almost exclusively good-looking 30 to 50-year-olds. Its tasteful decor has recently seen Fun4Two crowned the best swingers club in Europe. Fridays or Saturdays come highly recommended, while the Tantra Tempel is also well worth a visit and allows you to spend some intimate time alone with your enchanting companion.

Tips • Attractions • Activities


The national museum of the Netherlands holds more than 8000 items in incredible exhibitions of art, craftsmanship and history. The museum opens daily from 9 am to 5 pm and charges € 17.50 per person. Tours are offered in a variety of different languages.

Prinsengracht (Prince's Canal)

It is the longest canal in Amsterdam, covering a distance of 3.2 km leading into the river Amstel. The side of the marvelous canal is lined with a number of impressive and unique buildings. Join a boot tour and relax with a cool glass of Heineken while you experience Amsterdam from a very different perspective.


The royal concert hall is not only beautiful to look at but accommodates an impressive organ. Tickets can either be purchased online in advance or locally at the concert hall and include a free drink.

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“The first warm rays of spring sunshine are falling on the dark, wooden floorboards in my hotel room. A beautiful young lady is standing before me, a very special lady. I discovered her after viewing dozens of international escort websites, like beneluxxx.com. She seems to be the best female escort in Randstad Region. The photos didn’t even come close to replicating the aura she exudes. I’ve been meeting up mostly with Asian female escorts for many years. Until now, experience had shown that the reality couldn’t compare with the photos. With her, though, it was different. Not only was she beautiful, she was also an intelligent consort and displayed great knowledge, making the days spent with her pass by in a flash.

The sun’s rays shining on her blonde, shoulder-length hair give off a surreal golden hue. Her gaze causes me to melt, and my hands are trembling slightly. Soon, she’ll surrender herself to me, and after such a long time I’ll once again experience how it feels to make truly sensuous love with a woman. Her hands are on the back of my neck; delicate, gentle hands. I take her face in my hands, and look into her clear, blue eyes, beholding her features, framed by her soft tresses. The face has always been my favourite part of a woman – not too much make-up. I kiss her soft, pink lips, which part to invite my tongue. My hands close around her breasts. Her tongue greets me, soft and warm. Gently, I move my thumb over the soft wool of her pullover, until I feel her nipples, whose slight elevations soon become apparent. Later, I shall see them, and feel them against my cheeks, my palms, my lips, my tongue. Aroused, small, hard, erect, standing up invitingly, a delicate pink in colour, on a background of pale skin. She looks into my eyes and gently presses herself against me. I unfasten her belt...”

Window Prostitution

Amsterdam is especially well-known for its ‘raamprostitutie’ (window prostitution), where prostitutes hire small booths featuring a display window facing the street, from where they offer their inexpensive services. The glazed door is opened and a price is then negotiated with the client. As soon as agreement has been reached, the prostitute draws the curtain in the window and the client receives the services they have paid for in an adjoining room. If you’re looking for a luxury escort in this part of town, you’ll be searching in vain.
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Looking for an Escort Job? Exciting trips abroad, stunning hotels and restaurants, meeting interesting people - in addition to the exceptional earning potential are some benefits this job entails. We take care of the entire organisation process. We arrange your meeting with international, wealthy business people, which want to spend their time with a high-class escort with style and class. We give attention to privacy and security. If respect, trust and honesty are also important values to you, then apply now!