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As one of the oldest cities in Germany, Augsburg attracts a large number of cultural and educational travellers annually. Many travellers may not wish to explore the city alone, and would rather uncover its mysteries in the company of a local beauty. Luxury call girls from Augsburg are truly the beauties of the city.

Business travellers will also find no shortage of things to do in Augsburg. Escort agencies in the city can provide interesting company or erotic entertainment for visitors, with their sensual and 100% discreet VIP escort girls who are presentable at every opportunity.

Do you want to spend your evening in Augsburg in the charming company of a fantastic-looking dream girl? Rely on reputable online escort agencies in Bavaria who can offer a choice of fantastic women to select from. Enjoy your stay in this historic city with a woman who corresponds to your personal ideals in every way.

Escort Agencies in Augsburg will ensure that your date with a Bavarian agency hostesses, or with a selected Independent call girl is a success on all fronts. The luxury ladies are tested and selected by sophisticated methods. Likewise, clients have to undergo strict testing. This is done by the escort agency for safety of both sides.

Not all men who come looking for escort agencies such as Emodels are seeking sex. Some just want company and pleasant conversation at dinner. For individuals who don’t have any friends in the city, the company of a smart and dazzling hostess from Augsburg can be a welcome addition.

In Emodels escort, you’ll always find a selection of charming escort ladies from Bavaria. You can also ask about our VIP escorts. These are the girls who are not displayed on our website for discretion purposes.

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Hotel recommendation Augsburg

A small, but very charming hotel, pleasantly styled with art and design, is the art hotel Ana Gold. Individually decorated rooms, designed for various subject areas, provide the appropriate framework for understanding gentleman who enjoy art along with his and his erotic muse from Augsburg. A small but nice spa and a fitness room provide relaxation. The roof terrace allows for great tanning on sunny days, while in cooler weather the infrared sauna will heat things up.

Restaurant recommendation Augsburg

In preparation for a pleasurable night, a creative supper in the Old Town Restaurant Lustküche is highly recommended. The ideal combination of honest, fresh and innovative cuisine in an excellent and styled ambience works on all levels as an aphrodisiac. Changing exhibitions and strategically placed or surprising figures ensure your eyes are never idle while you chat and await your order. Chef Andreas Kraus created a melange of Mediterranean, Swiss and Asian cuisine which is good for a culinary surprise again and again. Whether autumn boletus or Southeast Asian shrimp, every dish bears his own individual stamp.

Bar & Club Recommendation Augsburg

Seeking a cocktail after dinner? Purist Café offers a relaxed atmosphere in an ambience of fine woods, natural stones, and cool, sleek polished stainless steel and sparkling glass. It is truly one of the most beautiful houses in Augsburg, housed in Gollwitzer house in the People's Hart Street. Imaginative cocktails, a cool and relaxed audience, an interesting selection of daily changing Spanish tapas and occasional live events make it an ideal meeting place for a drink or more.

Tips • Attractions • Activities

The Augsburg Puppet Theatre

The Augsburg Puppet Theatre is a popular attraction. It has put on puppet shows for children and adults alike for the past 80 years. If there are no performances on that match your tastes, take in the museum with your high-class call girl from Bavaria. Known as the ‘Crate’, it is one place that allows you to be swallowed in nostalgia.

Town Hall of Augsburg

A true landmark of the city and one of the most important renaissance buildings. It reaches 57 meters into the sky. For a short period, it was even the highest building in Germany. While the interior still chants the visitors with beautiful ornaments.


The Fuggerei, opened in 1521, is the world's oldest social housing complex still in use and was founded by Jakob Fugger. The Fugger family was extremely rich and influential, owning their own bank.

Escort Job in Bavaria

Looking for escort jobs in Augsburg?

"How do you become an escort girl in Augsburg" is a question likely asked by more than one or two of the young ladies reading these lines. She’s probably already toyed with the idea of becoming a luxury escort hostess.

What are the requirements?

Sex is only part of the role, but an erotic aura is of course a great advantage. Outwardly, and most importantly, girls must maintain a well-groomed appearance. Sexual openness and a desire for adventure is an advantage for ladies interested in this career path. The advantage is a tendency towards promiscuity, a penchant for new, exciting, surprising erotic experiences, for the thrill of the preparation and the adrenaline pumping as you stand across from your date.

Each noble call girl in Bavaria will receive an excellent training programme. You should be able to talk about any issue and to make a meaningful contribution. An extroverted nature is determinedly quite positive, but introversion may also be associated with a certain charisma of mystery.

A good demeanour and feel for different occasions in different societal circles, combined with an empathy for strangers, are important traits for any Bavarian luxury escort. Language skills are always beneficial. Imagine you are booked as a date for a conference in Rio because of your excellent command of Portuguese!

Age is only a secondary role. There are highly successful escort ladies in Augsburg who are in their forties. Not every man likes a tween. Some clients value a woman with style in a similar age group, who wears her years with pride and nonchalance in such a way that nobody can determine her age anyway.

A First-class hostess in Bavaria never looks upon a case like a prostitute. She will always dress discreetly in public and give the impression that she is a student, artist, lawyer or business woman. Which in fact you really are. Working as an escort is not a primary occupation. It is a vocation for some hours or days, depending on how often and how long you've been booked for.

If you think you meet these requirements, apply in writing with an image of yourself at this reputable escort agency in Augsburg. If the agent considers your profile to be promising, you will be invited in for a personal, face-to-face conversation. The agency will seek to learn more about your charisma, your communication skills, and other assets you possess.

Ladies who overcome this hurdle are invited to a professional photo shoot, from which the photos will be used to create your profile. This is now your personal business card on the internet. It informs the clients everything about your appearance, your measurements, important characteristics and sexual preference.

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