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Klagenfurt, surrounded by the Wörthersee and various other Carinthian lakes, is a popular and extremely exclusive Austrian Alpine holiday destination. Sweeten your stay in this rustic Alpine town with an elite escort model from Klagenfurt. The crème de la crème of Austrian and international society – celebrities, artists and the international nobility – many of whom are accompanied by Carinthian luxury call girls – cool off in the extremely pleasant summer temperatures while sailing or kite surfing on the exclusive shores of the Carinthian bathing lakes.

Anyone looking for an exceptional vacation companion in Klagenfurt who can participate in all these activities would greatly benefit from a reputable and discreet escort agency.

Escort agencies help you to find a high class lady who is equally passionate and humorous. Our elite call girls cut a flawless figure in high society events, on a kiteboard and in the boudoir.

Our international escort agency will ensure that the Klagenfurt escort lady of your choice absolutely meets your individual needs. We will help you find the ideal supplement to suit your personal taste. A lady who is honed in a social atmosphere, but a highly erotic and aphrodisiac courtesan in private tete-a-tete while at home or during hotel visits. Charismatic call girl models guarantee you’ll fun and enjoy entertainment in style, while indulging in animalistic sex in private.

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Hotel recommendation Klagenfurt

The Palais Porcia Hotel is an architectural delight from the outside as well as inside. Its original style is the perfect backdrop to accommodate a luxury escort model from Klagenfurt. Enjoy Baroque, Venetian or French ambience, decorated with old Austrian flair. Centrally located overlooking the famous landmark of Klagenfurt, the Dragon, dive into the great history of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy in this hotel. Vibrant silk wallpaper, velvet and stylish furniture, and glittering crystal chandeliers transport you abruptly into a glorious historical dream. This is all crowned by an enchanting VIP call girl from Klagenfurt who can soak in the history with you in your historical rooms.

Restaurant Recommendation Klagenfurt

A tenderly erotic evening is inextricably linked with an excellent meal. Love and food communicate with the same sensory centers. Treat your adorable Klagenfurt escort girl in the Guest House Papitsch. If you can’t fully enjoy the dining room, the bedroom is rather cool and reserved. Behind the misleading name “Guest House,” the culinary artistic flair of the brilliant chef Jerry Strauss heads up an uncomplicated yet sophisticated kitchen with highest standards of quality. On a balmy summer night, tease your tastebuds and enjoy your dinner in a romantic garden with your sexy escort lady from Klagenfurt. The simple wooden tables and simple chairs take nothing away from the excellence of the food, allowing you to enjoy the best culinary creations in fragrance and ambience of herbs and flowers of all kinds. It all comes together to serve up an exhilarating Mediterranean flair.

Bar & Club Recommendation Klagenfurt

The party scene is divided into the old town of Klagenfurt and places surrounding the Worthersee. Your magical VIP escort from Carinthia will also be happy to accompany you here. With a variation of locations, from plush sofas in all directions to high grade steel. Comfortable and cool at the same time, the GIG is a prime location. A cafe and bar by day, GIG offers an environment for you and your Carinthian escort model to chill out with stimulating background music creating an ambience of relaxation. By night, GIG holds a cult status locally. Great Events and funky DJs spin their sounds; the crowd is a mix of all age groups.

Tips • Attractions • Activities

Lake Wörther

The lake is one of the warmest Alps Lake and offers activities for everyone. Is does not matter if you came to enjoy culinary goodies, cultural activities or sports. You will enjoy this beautiful lake No matter what.

Reptile Zoo

Here you can find the largest collection of reptiles in Austria. On more than 4000 m², you can marvel at more than 1000 animals.

Old Town

The historic old town of Klagenfurt unites history and modernity. Stroll through the historic streets and enjoy the sight of the cities beautiful buildings while you shop around.

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Arts, culture, sport, entertainment and a magnificent scenery draw visitors to the Carinthian capital Klagenfurt in both the summer and winter seasons. Among other things, the city is also known for its jaunty, lively Kärntner girls. Enjoy your stay in Klagenfurt with a boisterous, cheerful luxury escort model from the Carinthian country.

Harley-Davidson European Bike Week with a top Klagenfurt call girl

In the beginning of September, the annual Harley Davidson meeting takes place by Lake Faak, in the region surrounding Klagenfurt. Officially called "Harley-Davidson European Bike Week," this event is now in its 17th year, and attracts around 70,000 bikers and more than 100,000 spectators annually to Lake Faak.

The atmosphere is highly charged. The air vibrates from the rich hum of powerful machines, a favorite toy of seasoned men in their prime. The air is impregnated with the scent of gasoline, leather and testosterone. And wherever Harleys and their proud owners are found, it is guaranteed to find electrifying ladies. Many a charming escort model from Carinthia is located in the selected audience. After an adrenaline inducing ride through the fantastic Carinthian landscape with a seductively fragrant sexy call girl from Carinthia astride on the back seat, a society biker can let loose and have some fun with your extravagant courtesan in a luxury hotel or private beach bungalow.

Harley men of today are not leftover hippies from the 60s on their "Born to be Wild" trip. Nowadays, they are successful businessmen and managers who enjoy their freedom in many ways. You might meet your dentist, a hospital director or the CEO of a multinational company at events such as these. Specifically gentlemen who enjoy spending their free time with a luxury escort from Klagenfurt who offers exciting eroticism and variety.

Imagine your biker muse from Klagenfurt. Tight, soft shiny leather leggings, chunky biker boots that look particularly sexy in contrast, perhaps an erotic rivet studded bustier under the half-open biker jacket. This elite call girl model from Carinthia will curl around you on your rides through the Carinthian lakes landscape.

When it comes to the evening, during the entertainment and later at the hotel, live out your secret erotic desires and dreams with your playgirl escort from Klagenfurt.

Whether a dominatrix in body hugging leather, or a shy school girl on a biking adventure - you decide the program. Your intoxicating VIP hostess from Carinthia is at your service.

The Harley parade traditionally takes place on Saturday, with tens of thousands of cult bikes and their riders. All of Carinthia bow to the powerful purr of the hot bikes. A spectacular finale for the Carinthian summer tourism season culminates in a rousing farewell party.

The mood is contagious. Many groupies have mingled with the audience and wait for an opportunity; they want to feel the vibration of a Harley on their own body. The gentleman of the world, however, don’t usually want to pick and choose from the available ladies. Instead, he has previously searched online through reputable Carinthian escort agencies. From here, he have selected his ideal luxury model to meet him in Klagenfurt and live out his fantasies together.

High above Klagenfurt, a unique nightclub, was opened in autumn 2003. Let yourself be enchanted by this world of breathtaking fantasies.
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