Escort Fee

Individual Fee

The individual fees can be found on the respective sedcards of the ladies. The models are working independently and are not in a work contract with us. Therefore, they set their personal fees. For reference: most high class agencies charge between 400 to 1000 euros for a two-hour date. Our agency service for mediation is inclusive for you.

Emodels Escort offers independent escort ladies a platform to present their sedcards. We exclusively offer mediation services and bring you together with the model.

All fees are in euro and include taxes. Additional charges will be made for costs for taxi, flights or train tickets.

If you wish a booking duration that is not presented on the website, please contact us and we will create an individual offer for you. Also for meetings longer than 5 days.



The following payment options are available to you: Cash payment, bank transfer, Western Union, Transferwise and PayPal. Naturally, we value utmost discretion also in the case of advance payments. In order to maintain confidentiality, a different company name will appear on your invoice / your bank statement. Emodels Escorts, or anything similar, will definitely not be listed.

The category and rate do not represent the “quality” of a model.

Good to know

The fee is structured as follows: 25% to 40% is our mediation fee | 60% to 75% is the compensation for the escort. The category and the rate are not representative of the “quality” of a model. The category of a model — and thus the associated rate — were agreed upon on a mutual basis with the Emodel.

Travel Expenses | Duo-Dates


– At the model’s residence: 30-50 euro
– Up to 100 km: 100 euro
– Up to 200 km: 150 euro
– More than 200 km: On request

These travel costs cover the time and financial efforts made by the model, which accrue during the journey to the meeting point and during the return journey.

The minimum booking duration for a meeting at the model’s residence is always 2 hours.

You don’t want to meet a model at her residence? We will be happy to provide a customised offer. Regarding the duration, the following rules apply: The meeting should last at least as long as the journey to and from the meeting location.

If the meeting is not taking place in the model’s residential city, we require an advance payment.


2 Gentleman | 1 Emodel: double fee
1 Gentleman | 2 Emodels: model fees applicable
1 Couple (M/F) | 1 Emodel: 1,5 times the fee

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