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Many claim to be the best escort agency in the world — we are actually working on it.

Pretty Woman Part 2

…it does exist!

My name is Olessia, late 30s, born in the Russian Ural and I’ve been married to the greatest husband in the world for many years now. By founding my own high-class escort agency, I have fulfilled a dream of mine, because it allows me to combine my passion with my profession.

My story

In my early 20s, I began my work as an escort in London and had the great fortune of having an agency owner that was very keen on our well-being and our security. After many years as an escort — including in cities such as Paris and Milan —
I not only learned a lot and got to travel around the world, I also had many unforgettable encounters, beautiful memories, real friendships and relationships… and one of those relationships is still going strong to this day.

“And then it hit us!”

In my early 30s, I met Marc in Zurich for the first time while working as an escort. From the first encounter, I was already more than fascinated by him. I think that it was love at first sight. At first, I couldn’t really make the situation out, but after a few more meetings I knew that I had completely fallen in love.

Pretty Woman Part 2

Our story then continued from where the film Pretty Woman had left off. Today, we are married, have been living together happily for more than 10 years and run two escort agencies: Emodels Escort — with an international focus — and Marc van Bliss’ agency, with a focus on Berlin.

What history teaches us

It is entirely possible for an escort lady to fall in love with a customer and for the two to end up living together happily.

How it happened

We really wanted to do something together. Why not take the plunge and found an escort agency then? He has the business know how and knows the industry from the customer side, whereas I know the market as a former escort. So, we united our knowledge and founded two escort agencies which are marked by confidentiality, professionalism and sophistication. That is our approach.

Let our escort ladies cast a spell on you — they can’t wait to get to know you!

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