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A sex position where both partners stimulate each other orally.

A | Analsex

During anal sex, the man inserts his erect penis into the anus of his partner. Since the anus does not possess its own natural lubrication, you must necessarily use an anal lubricant, ideally one without fat — to prevent the condom from becoming porous.

The passive partner on the receiving end should be as relaxed as possible in order to prevent a pain-free penetration — this is best achieved via a playful and lustful approach, for example by using a finger, the tongue or other anal toys for stimulation.

It’s crucial to take your time here. In order to maintain control as a woman, it’s recommended to choose a position where you can control the intensity, for example the cowgirl position.
Note: Several ladies offer anal sex. There may, however, be reasons (e.g. anatomical) that make this impossible.

B | BDSM (soft)

BDSM (bondage + discipline, dominance + submission, sadism + masochism) combines different sexual preferences that have to do with dominance and submission, playful punishment, as well as pleasing pain or bondage games. The Emodels practice a soft version of this.

B | Body insemination

Sperm is applied to (released onto) certain body parts, such as the breasts, the belly or the butt. Typical for the PSE (porn star experience).

C | Cunnilingus

Oral intercourse on the woman, the counterpart to fellatio, where the partner caresses the female sex organ with the tongue, the lips and the teeth, sometimes until orgasm.

D | Deep Throat

Deep throat describes the ability of women to insert the penis very deeply and widely into the mouth during fellatio.

D | Dominant

The sexual orientation of this Emodel is rather bossy, commanding, masochistic.

D | Duo Woman (2 F/1 M)

The Emodel is bisexual and likes duo dates with another lady.

D | Duo Men (2 M/1 F)

Also known as threesomes. The Emodel likes sex with two men.

E | Erotic Event (Swingers Club)

The Emodel accompanies the gentleman to a swinger club. If sex with additional persons is desired, we charge 200 euro extra.

E | Erotic massage

Our approach is: “We don’t promise anything that we cannot keep.” That is why you should also know that the women that offer erotic massages are not trained masseuses or therapists. They have taught this practice to themselves in order to provide you with relaxation and well-being.

F | Facial insemination

The man ejaculates onto the face of another person (also known as cumface or facial). A component of the PSE (porn star experience).

F | Fellatio (French)

(lat. fellare = to suck) Oral intercourse on the man, stimulation of the penis with lips, tongue and teeth.

F | French kissing

An intimate kiss, where the tongues of the partners touch each other, often part of the erotic foreplay.

G | Golden Shower (F-M)

The Emodel provides the golden shower — the gentleman receives.

G | Golden Shower (M-F)

The gentleman provides the golden shower — the Emodel receives.

M | Multiple times

There is no limit — the gentleman can climax more than once.

R | Roleplay

The sex partners take on different roles in order to make the sexual act more exciting (teacher-student, doctor-patient, housemaid, age play). Here, everyone can live out their fantasies, whether submissive or dominant.

S | Stripease / lap dance

An erotic and sexy dance.

S | Strap-on

Worn by the Emodel to replace the male penis.

S | Submissive

The sexual orientation of this Emodel is rather submissive, obedient, well-behaved.

T | Tongue Anal / Rimming (active)

Oral sexual practice where the anus is stimulated with the tongue — also known as anilingus or rimming. Active: The model stimulates the gentleman.

T | Tongue Anal / Rimming (passive)

Oral sexual practice where the anus is stimulated with the tongue — also known as anilingus or rimming. Active: The gentleman stimulates the Emodel.