FAQ | Frequently asked questions

1 | Can I visit the Emodel as well?

We exclusively offer so-called outbound meetings — these are home and hotel visits. If there is not a fitting location for the date, for example due to reasons of confidentiality, then we can also book a hotel room for you.

2 | What rules apply in the case of a cancellation?

A cost-free cancellation applying to the entire range of services (including already accrued costs, such as, for example, flight tickets) is possible within 36 hours before the official beginning the meeting. Already paid fees will be completely refunded. Previously communicated costs, such as those for the hotel, arrival costs (e.g. flight or train) are to be paid by you. This also applies to costs associated with the postponement of a meeting, such as the costs for a hotel or rental car booking. These are to be covered by you independently of the time of cancellation. In the event of a cancellation less than 36 hours before the beginning of the agree meeting, 60% of the paid advance payment of the agreed fee will be refunded.

3 | Are the Emodels employees of the agency?

No. We want to clarify that the agency Emodels Escorts is merely a mediator for the ladies. Every lady works on a freelance basis and does her own billing. She decides whether she accepts the offer contained within a request and under which conditions. This mediation service includes the authority to receive payments, which allows the agency to accept the payment of the customer in the name of the escort lady. The same applies to our mediation fee: The Emodel has the right to accept our provision in our name and on fiduciary basis. You can find additional information in our terms and conditions.

4 | Can I contact the Emodel directly?

We ask you to always direct a request to us first. You do, however, have the ability to send a message to the Emodel, for example shortly before the meeting. Perhaps you will want to write something about the expectations of your meeting and can add a short description of yourself. For this, you will find the “Message to Emodel” function on each Emodel’s presentation page.

5 | What payment options are available?

The following payment options are available to you: Cash payment, bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union and transferwise for international bank transfer. Naturally, we value utmost discretion also in the case of advance payments. In order to maintain confidentiality, a different company name will appear on your invoice / your bank statement. Emodels Escorts, or anything similar, will definitely not be listed.
Transferwise (send money abroad)

6 | Do I have to make an advance payment?

If the meeting is to take place at the residence of the Emodel, we do not require an advance payment. An advance payment is only needed if we have to purchase a flight or train ticket. Members of the Gentleman Club are excluded from this rule.

7 | How long in advance do I have to book?

Our Emodels have a “normal” job or are students. They are not professional escorts that have to live off of this type of work. Therefore, the earlier you make a request, the better. Nevertheless: Every lady requires approximately 1 hour in order to “freshen up” — and that’s not exclusive to escorts! Naturally, we will also try to mediate short-term request.

8 | Can I get to know the Emodel prior to the meeting?

If a meeting is to take 12 hours or longer, we do provide you with the chance to talk to the Emodel shortly before the meeting (e.g. via phone or Skype). Members of Gentleman Club can take advantage of this offer in any case.

9 | Where can I find the services of the Emodel?

In any Emodels presentation, you will find a list of services (“What I like”). An explanation of what the terms mean can be found in our Erotica Dictionary.

10 | Can the Emodel also visit me privately at home?

So-called home visits are possible — particularly in the case of regular customers, this is not a problem. If you are using our service for the first time, you need to give us your full name as well as your home phone number. We will call you on this number to make sure that this phone number has been assigned to you.

11 | What is social time?

We provide 4 and 6 hour dates with “social time”. This means, that you will first go out with the Emodel, for example to a bar or a restaurant. With this offer, you basically get an hour for free. Our Emodels love these dates, because you can get to know one another first before getting intimate.

12 | Are regular health checks conducted?

Yes, these are dictated by law and are regularly verified.

13 | Are the Emodels professional escorts?

No. Our Emodels are students or have “normal jobs”, which is why it makes sense to make a request a little bit ahead of time.

14 | Are the pictures of the Emodels authentic?

Yes. We are there for every photo shoot and manage the sessions ourselves. Like all other escort agencies, we retouch the photos as well. But we do so very carefully and put much emphasis on making the pictures reflect reality. Members of the Gentleman Club receive a recent, non-retouched picture of the model with the SedCard.

15 | Is there a minimum booking duration?

Yes. At the residence of the model it is 2 hours. Otherwise, the following rule applies: The meeting should take at least as long as the arrival and departure journeys.

16 | Is my confidentiality ensured?

Yes. We do not discuss any customer data — we do not possess a “customer database”. For all the data and information given to us, I ensure absolute confidentiality. For this reason alone, we have a data protection appointee, the lawyer Sebastian Dramburg, LL. M., who is also responsible for this. Naturally, we also ensure absolute discretion when it comes to payments: For the payment option “bank transfer”, we use a discrete company name and as the subject we list your billing number. This also applies to PayPal payments.

17 | What are the rules concerning the postponement or delay of a meeting?

A possible delay of up to 60 minutes is to be expected from you as well as the model, for example if the meeting is postponed due to unforeseeable events and/or force majeure, such as in the case of a change in the weather, strikes, etc. If the meeting cannot take place as a consequence of one of the listed reasons, then both you as well as the model are made exempt from your obligations. If you have already made a payment, it will be refunded to you. You can find additional information in our terms and conditions.

18 | What do I do if I don’t like the lady?

Please first contact the agency as soon as possible, so that we can take care of everything else. In such an event, you are expected to pay a flat fee of 100 euro in order to cover the time and travel costs, provided that the meeting took place at the residence of the lady. If there are additional travel costs, for example due to travel by train or plane, you are expected to pay a flat rate of 150 euro for the time as well as the actual amount spent on travel. If the model wants to cancel the meeting, there will be no costs for you and the already paid fees will be returned to you.

19 | What is a blind date offer?

You will have a date with an enchanting Emodel, but you won’t know in advance who you will be meeting. Because you will not be selecting a lady in advance, but a category instead (Callgirl, Elite-/VIP- or High-Class Escort). Your advantage: If you use our blind date offer, we will give you 15% off of your fee (Example: Emodel Category 1 | 4-hour dinner date | 850 euro, instead of 1,000 euro | plus travel costs).

20 | What is included? Any additional costs?

For the following services, we charge an additional fee: Role playing games, swinger club visits and threesomes (2 M / 1 F). Gentlemen are required to absorb all costs for food and beverages during a date with one of our Emodels.

21 | Duo-Dates

2 Gentleman | 1 Emodel: double fee
1 Gentleman | 2 Emodels: model fees applicable
1 Paar (M/F) | 1 Emodel: 1,5 times the fee

…and what’s also important

You will find in the terms and conditions.
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