Pricing overview

A call girl is a charming, young lady with whom you will be spending an amazing time. This is also the case even though we’re talking about the lowest possible price category — but there’s no need for concern: The call girls have also been selected on the basis that their internal and external values match ours.

Our fees include all sexual services. Only the costs for arriving and departing journeys are added on top. For sexual offers, such as, for example, anal sex, no additional costs are added.

My personal Suggestion

If you are thinking about the duration of the rendezvous, then please consider that we provide a special dinner date offer. The fee for a 3-hour-long meeting is identical to the fee for a 4-hour-long meeting including social time (e.g. dinner or lunch). Provided that it is possible in terms of organisation, you should take advantage of this offer. A date becomes so much better when there is plenty of time to get to know one another before sex. This is particularly the case concerning the call girls, as they are often somewhat inexperienced and may even be a little nervous at first. Also, please don’t forget: You have selected the lady and you know what to expect. For the model, it is a complete blind date.

The following advice is also important: The category and rate do not represent the “quality” of a model. The category of a model — and the associated rates — were decided together with the Emodel.