Elite Escorts

Pricing overview

The elite escorts are, like all other ladies in our escort agency, also not professional prostitutes whose livelihood depends on this kind of work. An elite escort is a classy lady that either studies or also has a “regular job”, is sexually open, and has already amassed some positive feedback.

The fee is structured via 4 price categories, where you will find the lowest fees with the call girls and the highest fees with the high-class escorts. These categories do not imply that one model is less recommendable than another. When accepting new models, we always pay attention to only selecting those that can impress with their external as well as their internal beauty.

My personal suggestion

You have wishes and special expectations concerning the meeting? Contact me and let me know your wishes. I am completely sure that we will find the right partner for you. No matter if you are looking for a romantic adventure, a role play or a new type of sexual experience.
The following advice is also important: The category and rate do not represent the “quality” of a model. The category of a model — and the associated rates — were decided together with the Emodel.