High Class Escorts

Pricing overview

The High Class Escorts are the highest category in our escort agency. These ladies are everything you may be looking for: High degree of general education, perfect looks, high-class styling, sexual openness and not older than 30.

A High Class Escort is, like all models in our agency, not a professional prostitute. These ladies are frequently asked: “Why are you doing this?” The answer: They love the temptation of the (morally) forbidden, they get excited about the thought of having easy sex with a stranger and enjoy the admiration with which they are looked at.


The High Class Escort is the highest price category. Of course, this price segment tailors to wealthy and well situated, distinguished gentlemen. What can you expect from a rendezvous with a High Class Escort? They are experienced escorts, that will make any man’s heart skip a beat with their charm, their looks and their uninhibited sex.

My personal suggestion

Please keep in mind that this will be a blind date for the lady. They are not professional escorts whose livelihoods depend on this work. They encounter unknown men because it excites them and because they have fun getting to know interesting people. Therefore, it’s good to know that the ladies have every right to cancel a date from time to time, because it’s all based on a voluntary basis. Because our escort ladies have such meetings relatively rarely, they tend to be a little nervous as they don’t know what’s expecting them. Thus, it’s even better if you can write something about yourself and your expectations. In the online presentations of the models, you will find the “Message to Emodel” function. Use this feature to get into touch with your lady of choice prior to meeting her.

The following advice is also important: The category and rate do not represent the “quality” of a model. The category of a model — and the associated rates — were decided together with the Emodel.