VIP Escorts

Pricing overview

Our VIP Escorts are experienced escort ladies, aged up to early 30s, that have received plenty of positive reviews and feedback. A VIP escort is an enchanting companion that will catch everyone’s attention whenever she enters a room and an absolute femme fatale in bed.

Starting with this price category, we are targeting a more upscale clientele, which is also desired by the ladies. A date in the lady’s apartment or any apartment for that matter is not possible (inbound), but we can organise a hotel room on request to maintain confidentiality.

My personal suggestion

It happens from time to time that a gentleman falls in love with an escort lady. What to do? The most important question is whether those feelings are mutual, because our escorts are not looking for a serious relationship but for ways to express and enjoy their freedoms. Therefore, I would suggest not to overwhelm and burden the ladies with emotions and feelings. It’s recommended to give the situation more time. I will be happy to help out in such cases.

The following advice is also important: The category and rate do not represent the “quality” of a model. The category of a model — and the associated rates — were decided together with the Emodel.