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Nicolas Chamfort
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Anal Sex | A-levels | Greek Sex

Anal intercourse has several different names. A-Level is widely used in Angel Saxon countries. However, other terms such as anal coitus, anal sex or Greek sex are widely used as well.

All of them talk about the same thing, where the man inserts his erect penis into the after of the woman or partner. Please consider that the after does not produce any natural fluids that reduce fraction. Hence, a special anal anti friction cream should be used. Preferable one without grease.

If possible, the passive partner should be very relaxed to allow painless penetration. This is done best in a playful, joyful way by means of his finger, his tongue, or other anal toys.

As the woman, it is important to take their time and choose a position such as the cowgirl where you can control the intensity of the penetration.
However, what have the Greeks to do with this? The name probably originates in ancient Greece where sexual relationships between men where extremely popular.

On our website, you will find a number of models who enjoy anal sex. Please inform the model of your choice about your interest beforehand so she can prepare herself.

And this erotic experience can be a special experience, with relaxation to the climax!


Do I have to bring lubricant and condoms? 

No, if you have informed us in advance about your plans your date will bring everything necessary.

What is the difference between anal lubricant and normal lubricant? 

The latter is usually water-based while the former is made on a grease/silicon basis (none harming for condoms). The reason for this is that intestines absorb water-based products very quickly while anal lubricants last longer. Additional problems may arise if the product of your choice contains preservatives or fragrances.

Do you charge an additional fee for anal sex?

No, if one of our escorts offers anal sex, she does so voluntarily and not out of financial motivation.