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“Each person is only given so many evenings and each wasted evening is a gross violation against the natural course of your only life.”
Charles Bukowsky
Poet and Novelist

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Girlfriend Experience | GFE

Girlfriend Experience – the courtesans and muses of today. The difference to before is that society does not frown upon it anymore. Jason Itzler, who ran an escort service in New York City called New York Confidential, probably invented the term. However, his actions were illegal in the United States and he disappeared from the radar but the term “Girlfriend Experience” stayed. Today, there are even TV-Shows with the same name.

What does GFE mean for us? Some models call themselves GFE-Escorts because they are romantic, sensual and passionate.

Just imagine you had sex with the ideal and perfect girlfriend. She is a beautiful, charming and erotic woman who enjoys having sex.

If are planning to have a really special Girlfriend-Experience, we recommend treating the lady in the same way you would treat your girlfriend. The only difference, sexual intercourse is only possible using a condom.
Our Emodels will never make you feel that money is the reason for your meeting. This lets enough room to develop a real and intimate connection. The reality is, you can get sex everywhere and probably even more affordable but our Emodels stimulate art, body and soul simultaneously.

Whenever the time is right, she will take the initiative and a long, sensual foreplay begins. You can also start the evening with a nice dinner, drinks at a bar, or an erotic bath.


What types of sex are included? 

French Kissing, cuddling, massages and a long, sensual foreplay…just as you would do it with your girlfriend. 

Am I required to use a condom?

Yes, none of our Emodels offers sex without a condom. Besides the fact that this would be illegal, we also want to remind you that this would bear a significant health risk for both parties involved. We do not reply to corresponding requests.

Where can I learn more about the inventor of the Girlfriend Experience? 

Wikipedia has an interesting article about Jason Itzler, the former CEO of “New York Confidential”.